Are Seventh-day Adventists Standing for Truth? - Posted: August 9, 2014

There was a recent ASI (Adventist Laymen's Services) Live Panel Discussion on 8/9/2014. In this discussion, prominent leaders from the SDA church participated. These leaders discussed Revelation 14:6-10, the Three Angels Messages.

Elder Ted Wilson, President of the world-wide SDA Organization, was asked the following question, "What is the Mark of the Beast?".

Here is his reply...

"And in fact, the Mark of the Beast would be worship of God on any other day than that particular day because that is a sign of God's authority. In fact let's contrast the Mark of the Beast with the Seal of God. Because the seal of God for God's people in the last days will be their adherence, their love of Him, and their observance of the day which He has ordained and made sacred, the seventh-day Sabbath. So you are sealed with a special connection with Him when you keep that day. Anyone keeping a day other than that, ultimately will be keeping the sign or the mark of the authority of the Beast which has changed the day of worship to another day".

Is that what we as Seventh-day Adventist believe that the Mark of the Beast is worshipping God "on any other day" except the Sabbath? No, we believe that the Mark of the Beast is specifically Sunday worship, which was an attempt by Papal Rome " change times and laws" (Daniel 7:25).

Shame on Elder Ted Wilson. His statement is heresy.