Why will God permit an earthquake disaster to strike California? - Posted: December 24, 2016

God is merciful and just. Therefore, God permits natural disasters and death on those who are determined to rebel against His authority that they may not lead others to ruin. Not all natural calamities are judgments from God. Some are the natural outworkings of evil as a result of sin in our world. Still, both good and evil have influence. When the influence of evil is only evil continually, God permits judgments to fall upon those who persist in rebellion [Genesis 6:5-7]. To save some, God allows natural calamities and disasters to fall on those who have passed the boundaries of His grace as a warning against transgression. God's love and mercy cannot condone sin. Persistent rebellion exhausts the favor of God. His mercy, so long despised, no longer pleads with human hearts to repent. Crossing the line results in judgment. Justice is as much an expression of God's love as His mercy! For without justice, mercy would not exist. Love mingles justice with mercy. Without a perfect standard of justice to define right and wrong, perfect love has no expression. And without unfailing mercy, the perfection of love revealed in justice is obscure. The account closes when the human heart makes its final choice. Probation ends. For this reason, California is about to suffer a catastrophic earthquake and millions will die.

Parts of California have become as wicked as were Sodom and Gomorrah [Jude 7]. The sins of the LGBT community defy God's supreme rulership in regards to marriage. Through pornography, the bodies of human beings have become habitations for demons. Will the people of the United States of America acknowledge that the endorsement1 of the LGBT lifestyle has brought this devastating earthquake? Will Americans stress morals and the love of Christ, but evade calling sin by its right name? Will professed Christians build bridges to worldliness by lowering the fundamental principles of the Bible? Will they refuse to build walls against ungodliness? Will they elevate the commandments of God? Sin is sin. God is about to visit California with an earthquake disaster that will open the eyes of Americans.

How will Protestant ministers and people in America respond to this earthquake? They will call for a great back to church movement. Protestants will encourage church on Sunday to repair morals in society. As natural calamities continue, American civil leaders will enforce by law, churchgoing on Sunday to restore divine favor and temporal prosperity. The Catholic Church will support such a law with Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change, Laudato Si', taking center stage. The United States of America will force Sunday observance contrary to God's Fourth Commandment to keep holy the seventh-day Sabbath as His memorial of Creation [Genesis 2:1-3]. As the forcing of Sunday observance extends worldwide, Papists, Protestants and worldlings will unite to convert the world and usher in a millennial of peace. But it is a deception! Satan and his human agents will perform miracles to deceive.

Sunday observance honors a man - the Pope of Rome. Sabbath worship honors God - the Creator of the Universe. The pope changed the day of worship from the seventh day to the first day just as men have changed the ordinance of marriage between a man and woman [Daniel 7:25; Genesis 2:23-24].

America and the world stand arraigned before the bar of God. They will now meet their demise by interfering with God's Moral Law - the Ten Commandments - the Everlasting Gospel by violating the seventh-day Sabbath [Revelation 14:6-10]. Our civil and religious freedoms will come to an end.

Thinking men and women of America, please consider carefully. When America passed a same-sex marriage law on June 26th 2015, the United States rebelled against God, the Creator of the human race, by defying His institution of marriage. Now, America will defy God by interfering with His institution of Sabbath worship by promoting Sunday observance. The first brings natural calamities. The latter brings the seven last plagues of God [Revelation 16:1-21]. Dear reader, what position will you take?

The sands of time are almost finished.

Seek God now before it is eternally too late!